Why Church (and the smaller groups within the church) are important…

So, I haven’t posted here in nearly 2 years. (so please excuse the mess that is in desperate need of an update) But today..I won’t let that stop me. Oh sure, I write; occasionally; not often enough, but it’s always in my mind, or vaguely on paper. I mean to come here and throw my thoughts across the keyboard until they appear as beautifully constructed words on the screen, but life just gets in the way. Funny thing, this life of ours, and all of the “stuff” that we allow to fill it up, and get in our own way. But today, I think God spoke to me very clearly (this NEVER happens) So, here I am….throwing my thoughts across the keyboard. They’ll likely be rambling thoughts, and misspelled words, because if I wait to tidy them up, they may never see the publish button. Regardless of how, Words will appear, and I pray someone, just one someone finds them beautiful.

I want to talk about church. Fellowship. And the mess in between. Those that know me personally probably think I have it all together. (That’s the power of a positive facebook post every now and then, eh?) But really, I don’t.

I am broken. Messy. Angry. Bitter. and often sad. Not really “depressed” (Lord knows I’ve walked there enough) But sad…..you get it? right?

I attend church on Sunday mornings. Of course unless I’m too bitter at the whole idea of church and church administration, and the rules, and the rule breakers to get myself there. (just keeping it real) I mean….where’s the accountability, right? I show up, sit in my seat, worship, listen to the teaching (very good teaching I might add) shake a few hands, maybe even hug a few necks and then we’re all out. There’s not alot “fellowship” not a lot of “community” time, no one to check your attitude at the door, or see through the mask and know you are hurting. BUT…there is corporate prayer, corporate worship and sound biblical teaching, and those things are important. Commanded by God actually {Exodus 29:44-46} So…in all reality we should be in church on Sunday morning.

Now let’s talk about the meat of my topic: Small Groups. For so long, I have struggled with connecting, struggled with friendships. I’ve even blogged about it in the past (but I’m to lazy to link it here) But over the last year or two, in a deliberate effort to be a part of the “change” within the church, rather than part of the problem, I’ve pushed myself to connect, to be a part of small things. It isn’t always what I imagined it to be, but God has a much bigger range of vision than I. I am so glad that I’ve stepped out of that comfort zone of being alone, and joined a fellowship of wonderful women, who love God. So, now when I’m going through a rough time, I can  look forward to attending a small group. For me, it’s a small group of ladies that meet on Wednesday evenings at the church. we laugh, count joy, and we pray, and cover some scripture on a smaller, more intimate level.

But here’s where it really really counts…… Where else can you walk into a room with about a dozen women, and cry out in your brokenness, your anger, and your bitterness? I’m guessing no where. Where else could you just throw these words out so real, and so raw like, and instead of carrying on; they stop everything, gather around you, hug you, love on you, speak LIFE over you and PRAY with you? No where!!! Additionally, they provide some powerful scriptures, analogies from their own experiences, some rebuke, and even a song. This happened for me tonight. It happens for women every week. It can happen for you!

I’m so glad that I chose to step out, and be a part of a small community of believers. I know there are so many broken women out there, looking for a place to “fit in”. Looking for a “perfect” and “flawless” church. I’m sorry, you won’t find one. Not at my church, not at any church. The church is meant for the broken, and flawed. That is what grace, and mercy, and salvation are all about.

I encourage you. No, I Beg of you. Find a place of worship, a place of fellowship, a place of accountability. Find a Bible believing church, with small groups, for men, women, families, etc. Find it, and connect. I promise, there will be healing there.

I just want to share this song with you….this scripture was shared with me tonight in response to my hurt, and this worship song is the very scripture. So powerful. (it is long, but so worth it)


Embracing the ChAoS Stacey
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  • Carolyn Chapman January 13, 2016 Reply

    Yes, dear lady. Your words are beautiful. Brought me to tears.

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