Guest Submissions

How much would I LOVE for you to share a bit of your story here. In my teeny tiny little space in the inter-web.

Please read through the About Me section. If you feel as though your vision lines up with the vision of

Multipurpose-Mom Ministries, then please O please send your post along with a brief bio and picture of yourself to me at multipurposemom (at) gmail (dot) com. If your posts seems as a good fit for our space, then we will coordinate a date for your post to go live.

Just a few rules….(I’m not a fan of rules, so they’re quite simple)

  • Keep your post roughly around 400-600 words (some rule make decided that was optimal for readers) If your long winded (like me) we can look into a 2 part post.
  • When we agree on a post date, I ask that you change up the wording a little in your title, and intro (those rule makers also say that it’s optimal for search engines) Also, only post a brief intro of your post, then linking to the original post over here 😉
  • Write real, write raw…No “how to” kinda stuff….cause let’s be real…we’re all different, and all learning by trial and error. and it’s discouraging (to me anyway) to have someones successful idea flop on me 😉

Yup…I think that should about cover it….

  • Oh…and a picture, include some sort of pretty picture in your post. (you know, cause the rule makers decided that makes a post more appealing too) I think I might agree 😉

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!


{{ hugs }}

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