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A Valentine/Anniversary Scavenger hunt

Today; Valentines Day marks my FIFTEENTH wedding Anniversary…whoa! Fifteen years! I already talked about that the other day So, like no joke….we’re broke. And normally we just get a little something, or get upset with one another for spending money we don’t have. So this year I decided to get creative. It all started by the […]

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A fruit of Love

  Fifteen years. That’s how long Phil and I will  be married come this Valentines Day. FIFTEEN years! There was truly a time in my life I could NOT have imagined spending fifteen years with the same man. And now, I can’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with him. Whether we have […]

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OK God; I’ll write about marriage {kicks and pouts}

 I didn’t want to write about marriage. Like really, I didn’t! Even when I was designing the new space here, and praying over topics to “try” and stick to…marriage came to mind here and there, but I quickly tucked those thoughts nicely back into whatever hair brained cell they came from. Why? Because marriage is messy! I know, I […]

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