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New Years check-in

Did you make a New Year resolution? Or more than one? Lets check in on how things are looking for us?   Don’t worry…I don’t think I’ve kept all of my resolutions either.   As we wrap up the first month of the New year, I Just thought I’d share how things are going (or […]

A New Year | A New Theme

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, as we closed out 2017, and embrace 2018. It’s a New Year. Making resolutions, and creating a New theme for the New Year are actually a good thing. I wasn’t quite ready to share my word yet yesterday, as I hadn’t fully decided on it, or verified it was from […]

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A New Years Resolution | 2018

As 2017 closes, and we enter 2018, I wanted to chat a little bit about New Years Resolutions. The end of a year usually brings upon great reflection for people. Well, it does for me anyway. My life has always been a sort of a “hot mess” You know, being a boy mom and of […]

The scars from a c-section

The scars from my C-Section cut much deeper than the abdomen   It’s been nine months since the birth of our sweet baby boy. Nine months since that knife sliced wide open the womb that held him safely and securely for close to forty one weeks. The womb that could no longer keep him safe, […]

Dear Jordan,

I crept out of bed in the wee morning hour, this is my morning routine. You know, the quiet before the storm. I sat in the chair, sipping my already like warm coffee, and scrolling Facebook. And I stumbled upon your story. I don’t recall how, but I did.  As I read, I began to […]