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The scars from a c-section

The scars from my C-Section cut much deeper than the abdomen   It’s been nine months since the birth of our sweet baby boy. Nine months since that knife sliced wide open the womb that held him safely and securely for close to forty one weeks. The womb that could no longer keep him safe, […]

Dear Jordan,

I crept out of bed in the wee morning hour, this is my morning routine. You know, the quiet before the storm. I sat in the chair, sipping my already like warm coffee, and scrolling Facebook. And I stumbled upon your story. I don’t recall how, but I did.  As I read, I began to […]

Why Church (and the smaller groups within the church) are important…

So, I haven’t posted here in nearly 2 years. (so please excuse the mess that is in desperate need of an update) But today..I won’t let that stop me. Oh sure, I write; occasionally; not often enough, but it’s always in my mind, or vaguely on paper. I mean to come here and throw my thoughts across the […]

An Award? For MEE??

As most of my readers know, I am quite involved with a christian crisis pregnancy center, New Beginnings Mercy House. Well, most of y’all should know…and if you don’t, then I must be doing something wrong. So, anyway. I was nominated by Brenda for a Ruby award from our local Soroptimist International, and I won! […]

Church is sorta like Highschool

This has been something I have really struggled with for some time now. I have been very reluctant to express my feelings & thoughts about it, because I worried so badly about how non-believers would take it. But you know what? It’s the truth, and what kind of witness am I to God’s grace if […]