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Want to know a little about my passion for babies???

A little history for those who may not know….I’ve pretty much been obsessed with babies my entire life. I became a mother at the young age of 15…because it seemed logical to me to have a baby of my own (FYI: 15yo’s have NO logic…lol) I wanted lots and lots of babies. For as long as I […]

Why Church (and the smaller groups within the church) are important…

So, I haven’t posted here in nearly 2 years. (so please excuse the mess that is in desperate need of an update) But today..I won’t let that stop me. Oh sure, I write; occasionally; not often enough, but it’s always in my mind, or vaguely on paper. I mean to come here and throw my thoughts across the […]

So…Now what?

Well, it’s finally real! Like, as in; the blog is live!! {Insert nerve wracking emotion right here} If you’re new here, (Welcome!) If you must…you can find some of my old stuff here. I didn’t transfer blogs, I completely started over. The link will only be view-able for a short while. If you followed over from there…Thank You!! {{hug}} […]