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The scars from a c-section

The scars from my C-Section cut much deeper than the abdomen   It’s been nine months since the birth of our sweet baby boy. Nine months since that knife sliced wide open the womb that held him safely and securely for close to forty one weeks. The womb that could no longer keep him safe, […]

Want to know a little about my passion for babies???

A little history for those who may not know….I’ve pretty much been obsessed with babies my entire life. I became a mother at the young age of 15…because it seemed logical to me to have a baby of my own (FYI: 15yo’s have NO logic…lol) I wanted lots and lots of babies. For as long as I […]

Why Church (and the smaller groups within the church) are important…

So, I haven’t posted here in nearly 2 years. (so please excuse the mess that is in desperate need of an update) But today..I won’t let that stop me. Oh sure, I write; occasionally; not often enough, but it’s always in my mind, or vaguely on paper. I mean to come here and throw my thoughts across the […]

So…Now what?

Well, it’s finally real! Like, as in; the blog is live!! {Insert nerve wracking emotion right here} If you’re new here, (Welcome!) If you must…you can find some of my old stuff here. I didn’t transfer blogs, I completely started over. The link will only be view-able for a short while. If you followed over from there…Thank You!! {{hug}} […]