A Valentine/Anniversary Scavenger hunt

Today; Valentines Day marks my FIFTEENTH wedding Anniversary…whoa! Fifteen years! I already talked about that the other day So, like no joke….we’re broke. And normally we just get a little something, or get upset with one another for spending money we don’t have. So this year I decided to get creative. It all started by the Time Warp Wife offering this free Marriage vows printable. It’s Awesome, (and it’s still early…so you have time to head over there and get YOU one!!! ) I was like…”cool, I’ll print this off and give it to hubs”…then my brain went into overdrive and I began to try and think of ways to make it more special. I mean, it IS fifteen years ya know! A Scavenger hunt!!! Yeah! That was all fun and games, until I realized I had to come up with fifteen “rhymes/riddles”   So, naturally I waited til nearly last minute to prepare. Thank goodness I planned to blog, so by default I had to have it all together a day early 😉

A $2.63 bottle from Hobby Lobby, some paper from around the house, the printable from Time Warp Wife, and a little imagination and I was golden! 🙂

came up with fifteen different things to say, and fifteen places to hide those things…..Some were quite amazing if I do say so myself, and well…..some not so much. Here they are:
The first card, either I will hand to him, or leave on the table will read: (You’ll notice the clues underlined)

#1 It’s our Anniversary; that much is true

A Valentine Surprise I have for you.

A rhyme, a riddle, or even a note;

For every year we’ve kept a float.

15 years we celebrate today,

And I still love you more than words can say.

 We have an old jet boat out in the yard, and it will be placed there…..

#2 Congratulations you found number Two

Only 13 more, to see what I got you 😉

So many ways, you melt my heart

My love for you, is off the chart.

 Melt my heart, yes he does (or nukes my brain) as he finds this one at the microwave

#3 Maybe this spring, we can lie in the shade

and find shapes in the clouds

No worries, harsh words or children around

 Lie in the Shade, he will find this one at the tree (next to the boat 😉 )

#4 You work so hard on our cars and my van

I truly value your worth as a man.

Yes, he has been putting countless hours in to repairing our vehicles, and has been feeling pretty defeated lately. So I wanted to be sure and aknowledge his worth. This one goes on the steering wheel of my van.

#5 Like an engines roar

You make my heart soar

 Did you guess? My grease monkey husband has LOTS of engines just hanging around…this will be found on one of them.

#6 Year after Year,

your still my deer.

Yes, we own a ceramic deer, (doesn’t everybody?) and he loves that thing, even though it has broken him AND his son. He should find this one quickly.

#7 A sweet Valentine ~ whether snow or hail

Better make sure to check the mail

 Mail call….(hope the mail lady comes BEFORE I send him on the chase.

#8 But sometimes mail is slow as heck

So we need to add a little tech

Facebook, blogs, email too

Are all ways to say “I love you”

 He’s not really a fan of social media, but does use his laptop for google, hiding this one there!

#9 You’re like my unprescribed pill,

Even when we both need to chill.

 hmmm…deciding to tape TO the fridge, or INSIDE?

#10 Ever since we tied the knot.

I always thought “boy is he hot

 Yes, he melted my heart with the microwave and he’s hot in the oven (I told you some were less creative…..go ahead, read on)

#11 I love you more than a chicken gizzard

I love you more than I love my lizard

 Yes, I can not tell a lie…this one is my favorite! Now; which lizard to grace with the envelope?

#12 Almost there, to number fifteen

It’s really hard to keep this clean.

 Clean Clean like in the washing machine!

#13 Shot to the heart, and you’re to blame

You give love a bad name

 Thank You Bon Jovi, I was running short! My hubs prides his guns, so I thought we’d slip one in there!

#14 You’ve worked so hard on all fifteen

Maybe it’s time to go get clean.

The shower will be hiding the big reveal…….

#15 I hope you enjoyed this little game

Today I’m still proud to carry your name

Behind this curtain is my gift to you.

A sweet message found in blue

A marriage vow from me to you.

Love, your Forever Bride!

and Behind the curtain will be a tub of blue water…with my message in a bottle awaiting him.
the hunt unfolds
He loved it. Was like a giddy little boy on Christmas morning 😉 (I think in the end, he may have even teared up a little reading that marriage vow….shh, don’t tell him I know)
These little things, no money can buy, and I was able to express some real emotion to him, in the chaotic world we live in.
Have you had to get creative for your Anniversary or Sweetheart Holidays like Valentines or Sweetest Day?
Share some of your craftiness below in the comments…… 



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  • Amber February 13, 2014 Reply

    How cool are You??? Excellent Job!!!

  • lauren March 25, 2014 Reply

    love love love this! where were you while he ran around???

    • admin April 1, 2014 Reply

      Thank You Lauren, I was just watching from in the house. It was great….I really should do things like this more often…even just because 😉

  • Taylor April 24, 2014 Reply

    Wow! What a great idea! I’m not married, but this will be perfect for my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend! Thank you!

  • libby October 30, 2014 Reply

    i love this idea but i’m worried about him finding everything/ me sneaking around to prepare! how did you get all of these clues to the places without him finding out?

    • admin November 21, 2014 Reply

      I can’t even remember how I snuck them all in there….lol! I know my son helped me with a few. and you know….men are often in their own worlds (also known a the garage) so it was fairly simple 😉

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  • zuhairah January 29, 2015 Reply

    i love love love this, im struggling so hard trying to do a hunt for valentines day and im usually the creative on but i cant think of anything 🙁

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