February 2013 - StaceyWestbrook

I’m “just” a Failure

Do you ever feel like you fail at everything you do? Wonder how it is God can even use You?   Join me over at Upside Down Homeschooling where I share some of my failures, and how I know God is still using me.

I’m still here…really!

I’m still here: Promise! This blogging thing, on top of parenting a challenging teen, searching for an outside J.O.B AND trying to get my at home job of photography going, also paired with making my marriage functional and searching for a new home to live in…well, it’s tiring…….like Really tiring! My boys are bigger now, and really […]

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A Valentine/Anniversary Scavenger hunt

Today; Valentines Day marks my FIFTEENTH wedding Anniversary…whoa! Fifteen years! I already talked about that the other day So, like no joke….we’re broke. And normally we just get a little something, or get upset with one another for spending money we don’t have. So this year I decided to get creative. It all started by the […]

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Are you ready to fight?

Growing up I was surrounded by drugs and alcohol, whether it was by participation or by innocent observance. We lived in an association community. Not the overpriced fancy “Stafford wives” kind, but the lakeside, boathouse community beech kind. (Detroit beach for you locals) We rented there most of my adolescent years, it was there that […]

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Welcome and Greeting…{the awkward church kind}

Recently while gathered with a few ladies at church, we were discussing the “welcome and greeting” portion of Sunday morning service. You know; the part where everyone is supposed to step out of their pew and shake the hands of a few strangers, while reminding them Jesus loves them! I’m pretty sure this is common […]

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